Welcome to the BRIT project space. This site is available for all BRIT projects and collaborations. Some of the projects are visible without requiring a login but most require you to be logged in as a member of the project team. If you have questions about how to use the BRIT Projects system the Quick Start Guide at should provide you will all the information you need.

BRIT Projects

FWBG|BRIT Web - For FWBG|BRIT Website issues and requests - Create New Website Ticket
FWBG|BRIT Living Collection Labels - For issues and requests related to Living Collections Labels and Engraving- Create New Living Collection Labels Ticket
FWBG|BRIT IT Support - Technical support for FWBG|BRIT staff - Create New IT Support Ticket
FWBG|BRIT Facilities - For issues and requests with FWBG|BRIT facilities - Create New Facilities Ticket

If you aren't able to access the project you are looking for or would like to use this site for your next project, please email Sean Murphy at .